EOC Master Device

EOC Master Device
Product parameters
XDK-EOC11T is the company's head-end products EoC, in EoC (Ethernet over Coax, Ethernet-based coaxial cable) network on top of the terminal equipment with EoC CATV (CABLE Television, Cable TV) CABLE network Construction Ethernet transmission channel.
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Product description

The series supports a road EoC access, you can take maximum of 64 under the EoC terminal equipment, providing a 10/100BASE-T interface for the joint and a 10/100BASE-T interface for device management.

Port Characteristics:
1. Provides a 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface for uplink Ethernet network.
2. Providing two RF interface, TV port with CATV network, cable ports with coaxial distribution network under the support of 60V overcurrent.
3. Built-in duplex filters, little effect on the existing CATV signals.
Note: 1 represents the mixture of outputs, the model that added -60 60V power supply, without 220V power supply that

Technical specifications:

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