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Product parameters

Low IL and high channel isolation

Wide wavelength range

Flat wavelength response

Low dark current

High temperature stability

Keywords :
Product description
CATV system
WDM channel monitoring WDM
FTTX system
Channel monitoring
Optical line protection
Items Unit Parameter
Operating wavelength nm 131014901550
Operating bandwidth nm 1310±401490±401550±40 or customized
Pass/Reflection wavelength nm Customized
PD Responsibility A/mW ≥0.85
Dark current nA ≤1.0
Insertion Loss Pass band dB ≤0.8
Reflection band ≤0.6
Isolation Pass band dB ≥30
Reflection band ≥15
Polarization Dependent Loss Pass band dB ≤0.1
Reflection band ≤0.1
Return Loss dB ≥50
Directivity dB ≥55
Maximum Power Handling mW ≤500
Operating Temperature -2070
Storage Temperature -4085
Package size mm φ3.5*L26φ5.5*L26 or customized
1. All values specified are without connectors.
2. IL loss will increase 0.2dB when add one connector.
3. Customized service is available.
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