1X4 LAN-WDM Module

1X4 LAN-WDM Module
Product parameters

Low Insertion Loss

High Channel Isolation

High Stability and reliability

Ultra compact size

Epoxy-free on Optical Path

Keywords :
Product description
WDM Network
CFP transceivers
Data communication
40G or 100G applications
Items Unit Parameter
Channel Wavelength CH1 nm 1294.53-1296.59
CH2 1299.02-1301.09
CH3 1303.54-1305.63
CH4 1308.09-1310.19
Wavelength Range nm 1280-1330
Channel Spacing GHz 800
Insertion Loss dB ≤1.4
Isolation Adjacent dB ≥25
Non-adjacent ≥35
Channel Ripple dB ≤0.5
Insertion Loss Temperature Sensitivity dB/℃ ≤0.005
Wavelength Temperature Shifting nm/℃ ≤0.002
Polarization Dependent Loss dB ≤0.3
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps ≤0.2
Return Loss dB ≥45
Directivity dB ≥50
Maximum Power Handling mw ≤300
Operating Temperature -1080
Storage Temperature -4085
Packing mm 18.85*10.0*6.5 or 20*8*6
1. All values specified are without connectors.
2. IL loss will increase 0.2dB when add one connector.
3. Customized service is available.
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