Mechanical Optical Switch

Mechanical Optical Switch
Product parameters

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Product description
Ring Network
Metro OADM Systems
Remote Monitoring in Optical Network
Testing of Fiber
Item Unit Parameters
Type   1x1, 1x2
Wavelength nm 1310 or 1550 1310/1550
Insertion Loss dB ≤0.5 (Typ. 0.4) ≤0.7 (Typ. 0.5)
Cross Talk dB ≥55 ≥55
Return Loss dB ≥55 ≥55
Repeatability dB ≤±0.05
Switch Time ms 10
Lifetime cycle >1,000,000
Switch mode   Latching or Non-latching
Operating Temperature °C -570
Storage Temperature °C -4085
Drive Voltage V 5 ±0.5 DC or 5V Pulse
Work Current mA 50
Fiber length m 1/1.2/1.5
Dimension (L*M*H) mm (L)26.5×(W)13.4×(H)11
Electrical Drive
Optical Path Electrical Drive Status Sensor
Pin1 Pin10 Pin5 Pin6 Pin2-3 Pin3-4 Pin7-8 Pin8-9
1-2 +V Pulse GND N/A N/A open close close open
1-3 GND +V Pulse N/A N/A close open open close
1. All values specified are without connectors.
2. IL loss will increase 0.2dB when add one connector.
3. Customized service is available.

Low Insertion Loss, Low Cross Talk

Wide Wavelength Rang

High Stability, High Reliability

Unique Patent: non-glue in optical route

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