200GHz DWDM Device

200GHz DWDM Device
Product parameters

Low Insertion Loss, Low PDL

High channel isolation

Great reliability and stability

Wide Operating Wavelength

Wide Operating Temperature

Keywords :
Product description
Access networks
Metro WDM Systems
Long haul WDM systems
Enterprise networks
Item Unit Parameters
Channel Spacing  GHz 200
Wavelength Range   C-or L-band ITU channels 186.6 to 196.1 THz
Passband GHz ≥±33
Passband Ripple dB ≤0.40
Transmission  IL dB ≤1.10
Reflection  IL dB ≤0.40
Reflection Band Ripple dB ≤0.20
Transmission Isolation Adjacent channel dB ≥30
Non-adjacent channel dB ≥50
Reflection Isolation dB ≥12
Polarization Dependent loss dB ≤0.20
Thermal Stability dB/℃ ≤0.005
Directivity dB ≥50
Return loss dB ≥45
Maximum Optical Power mW ≤500
Operating Temperature -570
Storage Temperature -4085
Fiber Type   G657A or Customized
Package Dimension mm Φ5.5×34(A)/ 250um bare fiber
mm Φ5.5×39(B)/900um loose tube
1. All values specified are without connectors.
2. IL loss will increase 0.2dB when add one connector.
3. Customized service is available.
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