TOSA ROSA and BOSA Receptacle

TOSA ROSA and BOSA Receptacle
Product parameters
High stability and high reliability
Precise dimension
Good welding performance
Good performance in 4 directions
Optical power stability
RoHS Compliant
Keywords :
Product description
10G Transceiver: LTE
40G Transceiver: 40G LR4/SR4
100G Transceiver: 100G LR4/SR4
Data center/Cloud computing
Items Parameter
Ferrule Type LC SC
Ferrule Length 2.57.0mm 2.512mm
APC angle 012
4 directions Insertion Loss≤0.2dB
Return Loss≥50dB
Radius of curvature 725mm 1025mm
Shifting of point ≤50um
Fiber depression 0-100nm
Pull out force 103.0N 2.06.0N
Break out force ≥70N ≥100N
Material SUS304 or SUS303
Structural design Customized
All APC end of Receptacle can be coated film according to the waveband specified by the customer.
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