24 Fiber SC to LC Patch Cable

24 Fiber SC to LC Patch Cable
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The high density design can scale up to 144 fibres and can feature both MTP/MPO and discrete interface
It is the perfect solution for trunks requiring various MTP/MPO/LC/SC/FC/ST interface and universal or external applications
Available in OS1/2, G657A1, OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4
Up to 144 fibre core count
Pulling eye, easy installation
Custom tail length
Tail OD: 0.9mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
Available with MTP/MPO/LC/SC/FC/ST connectors
LSZH PVC or PE jacket available
UL listed OFNP jacket available
Loose tube, dry loose tube or loose tube armoured cable selection
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