Field Assembly Connectors / Fast Connectors

Field Assembly Connectors / Fast Connectors
Product parameters
The SC Field Assembly Connector / Fast Connector is designed for simple and fast field termination of single fibers, without polishing or adhesives. It is widely used in FTTH application.
The fast connector has a pre-polished ferrule and a mechanical splice inside. It enables fast and on-site installation of 250 /m, 900 /m, 3.0mm and 2.0 mm x 3.0 mm cable types. Two or three pieces of the preassembled and factory terminated connectors can be installed within 2 minutes using simple tools and can be reused several times.

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Product description

ITEM Technical Parameters
Applicable for 3.0 x 2.0 mm Drop cable
Optical fiber diameter 125μm ( 657A & 657B )
Tight buffer diameter 250μm
Fiber mode  Single mode
Operation time About 15s(no fiber cut)
Insert loss ≤ 0.5dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
Return loss > 40dB
Fastening strength of naked fiber >5 N
Tensile strength >20 N
Using temperature -40~+75℃
On-line tensile strength (20 N) △ IL ≤ 0.2dB △ RL ≤ 5dB
Mechanical durability (500 times) △ IL ≤ 0.2dB △ RL ≤ 5dB
Drop-off test (drop-off height 4m,
once per direction, totally 3 times)
△ IL ≤ 0.2dB △ RL ≤ 5dB

Ordering Information:
  C / P - F - T
Digital Number 1   2   3   4
Example SC / APC - SM - 3x2mm Drop cable
1  C=Connector SC, LC, FC
2  P=Polishing PC: Physical Contact
UPC: Ultra pc
APC: Angled pc
3  F=Fiber SM: Single Mode    
MM: Multi Mode  
4 T=Optical cable type 0.9mm cable, 2.0mm round cable, 3.0mm round cable, 3x2mm drop cable
***Customization and special requirements are available.

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