MU Connector

MU Connector
Product parameters
The MU connector is similar to the SC connector in construction and mechanical function, but has a ferrule diameter of 1.25mm. They are available for single-mode of PC, UPC, APC, mutil-mode of PC, etc.
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Product description

Connector Type MU/PC(UPC)/SM(MM)/0.9(2.0/3.0)
Fiber Type Single-Mode Multi-mode
Cable Diameter 0.9mm、¢2.0mm、¢3.0mm 0.9mm、¢2.0mm、¢3.0mm
Insertion  Loss PC≤0.20dB UPC≤0.20dB PC≤0.30dB
Return Loss PC≥40dB   UPC≥50dB   NA
Working Condition -40 to +75 -40 to +75
End Face Geometry The Radius of Curvature :
Apex Offset : 0-50um    
Fiber Height :
-100 to +100nm     
Characteristic ●High precision  alignment                                              
●Comply with ROSH
●Material comply with the requirement of UL 94V-0
●Compact and precision housing design for retention
The connector comply with NTT /JIS/Telcordia IEC 
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