XDK 24 Core Break Out Distribution Cable

XDK 24 Core Break Out Distribution Cable
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Product description

Product Description
XDK 24 core break out distribution cable are manufactured through the optimized design, taking the advanced production line and the excellent craft,checked by the strictly tested technology. The products conforms to the standard of YD/T 1258.4-2005,ICEA-596、GR-409 CORE、IEC 794,etc. the flame retardant performance is up with the requirement of  UL and OFNR. The products are composed of the tight buffer cable 、the strength member aramid and outsheath. This configuration don't have the metal part.

1) Building vertical distribution
2) Special suitable for the strict requirement place the space and radius
3) The commucation equipment's pigtail and patchcord

Fiber Count 24
Cable Diameter(mm) 4.2±0.3mm * 7.6±0.4mm
Cable Weight(kg/km) 30
Tensile Strength Long term 160N
Short term 300N
Crush Resistance Long term 300N/100mm
Short term 1000N/100mm
Bending Radius Static 20×DCable Diameter
Dynamic 10×DCable Diameter

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