Dual Fiber Indoor Cable

Dual Fiber Indoor Cable
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Designed to the wiring of each unit to a different location, high strength, bending, free of grease, ease of construction and continued. Divided include single-mode and multimode fiber, easy to use for special occasions.
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Product description

Products Descriptions

This configuration cable can spread two units to different location according to the used requirements. It has the strong tensile and optimized bending performance. This cable don’t consist of the oil can be easily to operate and terminated. This cable are available of singlemode and multimode.

Indoor horizontal cabling, vertical cabling within the building, direct introduction of the indoor outdoor wiring and reduce costs. Communications equipment and activities of the end of the cable connector, jumpers.


Fiber Count 2
Cable Diameter(mm)±0.2mm 4.0*7.0 3.1*5.2
Cable Weight(kg/km) 31 18
Tensile Strength Long term 100N 160N
Short term 200N 300N
Crush Resistance Long term 300N/100mm
Short term 1000N/100mm
Bending Radius Static 20×D(Cable Diameter
Dynamic 10×D(Cable Diameter

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