LC Quad Adaptor

LC Quad Adaptor
Product parameters
1, Connector for all models JIS
2, The exact mechanical dimensions
3, Ceramic or copper inner sleeve
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Product description

XDK have a range of quality LC adaptors which have pricision alignment sleeves for imporved realiability and better reconnectability.
The LC adapters come with ceramic sleeves for singlemode and phosphor bronze sleeves for multimode . The housing is available in different colours with options for flange or flangeless body ,metal clips or inbuilt clips .It suitable for Local area networks,Data processing networks, Premises distribution,Test and laboratory equipment.

Sleeve material : Ceramic or phosphor bronze;
Housing material : Synthetic resin or alloy , with high precision meachnical dimensions;
Working wavelength : 1200~1600nm;
Working condition : -40 to +75
Durability : 500 times insert and pull out , insertion loss change0.20dB;
Repeation : No more than 0.2dB ;
The adapter comply with the standard of NTT/Telcordia/IEC/TIA/EIA
Mode : SM/APC Green SM/PC Blue MM/PC Beige MM/PC Aqua

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