201107 ATS

Trade in services through the Shenzhen Association Vice President, General Secretary Xie Xiaobiao led a delegation to hearing many dot-com site visits and research. News dot-com Communications Equipment (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. by the Shenzhen Municipal Services Trade Association (English name: Shenzhen Association of trade in services abbreviations SATS) Award named for the success - the communications industry, "vice president of the unit."

In recent years, dot-com Group grasping information technology innovation, service innovation, management innovation ideas, adhere to the quality of development in order to gain market credibility. "XDK" brand series of products with its reliable quality and perfect customer service, has won the 2011 confirmation of the authorities, "Chinese famous brand", "National quality, service, AAA grade credit enterprise", "China's optical communication equipment manufacturing enterprises top ten "and many other honors.

Shenzhen Service Trade Association visited the fiber optic cable lines, connectors, adapters, workshops, in-depth understanding of production and operations. Through research, we XDK the overall planning of the production environment also have a better understanding. News Group for dot-com status and future development of a high evaluation of dot-com's hearing tomorrow will be better.

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